Let’s have a Glimpse of Technical News

There are a lot of Technological advancements going on let's have a Few Interesting News…

  1. A New Facebook tool to help people get vaccinated.
    CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced in his Fb Post that his company will be launching a global campaign to help people get vaccinated in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Post by Mark Zukerberg..

Facebook will be using all three major platforms — Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to take the initiative further

2. Spacex may attempt to send Starship all the way to space as soon as July.

Picture collected From Futurism

By the information collected from NASASpaceflight, SpaceX going to send a Starship prototype in the early of this July.

SpaceX gonna send booster “Super Heavy BN3 and Starship SN20” in to the space with a goal to get to orbit by July 1.

3. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to attempt solar mission by end of 2021.

Picture from FirstPost.

India is going to send its first solar mission at the end of the year after the Covid-19 pandemic delay, Which has to be started in early 2020.

This misssion’s satellite will travel upto 1.5 million kilometers from Earth to study Sun’s atmosphere.
The satellite will be sent to the L1 point(Lagrangian point).” where the gravitational pull of both Earth and Sun , on the satellite is equal to the centripetal force needed to keep satellite in orbit”.

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